A Study on the Labour Market Experiences of Canada's LGBTQ Community

Dr. Nicole Denier
E-mail: ndenier@uwo.ca

website: www.nicoledenier.com

Dr. Sean Waite

E-mail: swaite3@uwo.ca

Website: Click here

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We are researchers who are interested in the labour market experiences of Canada's LGBTQ population. Our research uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to study how sexual orientation influences education and work experiences.

Nicole's research also concerns labour market dynamics and stratification, with particular interest in how each varies across occupations and local labor market contexts. Currently she is working on a project that examines the social and economic consequences of involuntary job loss in the U.S. and Canada. For more information please visit http://www.nicoledenier.com.

Sean's research focuses on labour market stratification with a special focus on gender and sexual orientation. He is presently researching wage outcomes of women in highly remunerative occupations in Canada. For more information please visit my faculty website https://sociology.uwo.ca/people/profiles/Waite.html